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Check Up

Always check our Special Offers page

New Adult Patient check up (incl. x-rays)  £95.00
Routine adult check up   £59.00
Check up under 18   £35.00
Individual single small x-rays   £15.00
Additional multiple small x-rays from  £5.00
Same day emergency (non-registered)   £75.00
Same day emergency (registered) no additional charge  £0.00
Check-up under 10 if at least one parent registered  £18.00
Check-up under 5 if at least one parent registered  £0.00


At-home whitening kit with custom trays
Current special offer - limited period see our special offers page  £95.00


Amalgam (silver metal fillings) from  £75.00
Composite resin (‘white’ fillings) from  £95.00

Root Fillings

Front teeth (incisors/canines) from  £400.00
Premolars from  £475.00
Back teeth (molars) from  £599.00


All Metal crowns from  £595.00
Traditional tooth coloured Bonded Porcelain crowns from  £795.00
Porcelain Veneers from  £800.00


Single metal-based frame dentures from  £1450.00
Single partial acrylic denture from  £495.00
Acrylic full dentures (upper & lower) from  £1750.00
Delux Enigma Full Dentures from  £1900.00


Extractions eg simple single tooth from:- £125.00
Multiple extractions per tooth from:- £45.00


Maintenance appointment   £65.00
Child hygiene session   £35.00
Fissure sealant (per tooth) from  1 - 4 teeth £27.00
Full mouth fissure sealants (from 5 - 20 teeth) total  £120.00

The above fees are for guidance only.

Bespoke estimates given following consultation.


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