Welcome to Crescent Dental Practice

Our aim is to help you keep your teeth for life and to give you the confidence in your smile.
Our motto is ‘Affordable Excellence’.

We are accredited by the British Dental Association Good Practice Scheme, which means we have been found to be amongst the top dental practices in the UK with the highest standards of care and professionalism.

Currently there are only 34 practices in the whole of Surrey who have been awarded B.D.A Good Practice Scheme membership.

I was very nervous about having my root treatment, but was made to feel better by the excellent staff, and able to bring in my own DVD to watch whilst having the treatment done which made me forget about it. Thank you Crescent Dental Practice. J.B August 2010


We have a relaxed and friendly environment with skilled dentists, specialists, technicians, and hygienists.

Through continued professional development, a commitment to best practice, and with state of the art equipment, we can fully care for you and satisfy your wishes.

We take great pride in the excellence of our work.

Preventing Dental Problems

Prevention really is the best cure and Crescent Dental Practice staff are always eager to help, support and inform. Through modern prevention and minimal intervention, it is possible to ensure that you keep your teeth for as long as possible.

Enjoy A Stress Free Dental Experience

Few people enjoy the prospect of a trip to the dentist but whether you’re in pain or visiting for your regular checkup, it is our aim to ensure that you have a stress and pain free experience throughout.

We know you will leave with a happy smile, confident that you have received the best treatment.


We offer conscious sedation with a fully qualified and registered professional clinician.

Stairs A Problem?

The whole practice is at ground floor level.

Substantial investment means that we use the latest equipment and offer our patients the most relaxing environment possible.

Competitive Pricing

Crescent Dental Practice also prides itself on a competitive pricing plan for our patients.

Prices vary depending on individual requirements.

View our prices page for a guide to typical costs.

We use the best materials, the best laboratories, we have rigorous quality control procedures and standards, but we try to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

We don’t like to cut corners, and our patients don’t want us to either.

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